Same Day Solutions

Gone are the days when you had to live with a temporary for several weeks while your crown, inlay, or onlay, was being fabricated by the dental lab.

Same day permanent crowns and tooth restorations are now reality. Pure Health Dentistry combines advanced digital imaging technology and dental laser, with an in-office milling system to give you strong and beautiful custom restorations in only one office visit.

We are proud to provide you with the following advanced technolgy:

  • The new generation in 3D imaging, the Galileos®, gives our dentists a fast and detailed look into your oral health. 
  • The amazing Solea® dental laser technology replaces the drill. Faster and more precise than the drill and the human hand, it often is also painless.
  • Our new iTero® Digital Scanner uses laser light to take a painless, very precise digital 3D scan of your teeth once it is ready for restoration. It allows us to build your bridges, crowns and veneers with a much higher precision, without the need for unpleasant impression materials.
  • The CEREC® milling system then utilizes this high definition scan and mills your custom restoration right here in our office. Impeccable results that last longer and look better in only one visit

Our dental solutions are fast, biologically compatible and cost effective. To learn more call us at 808-572-9461.

Solea image