Oral Bacteria Screening


Oral microbiology is the study of the microorganisms of the oral cavity and the interactions between the oral microorganisms with each other and with the host. Of particular interest is the role of oral microorganisms in the two major dental diseases: dental caries and periodontal disease.[1]

The mouth harbors a diverse, abundant and complex microbial community. This highly diverse microflora inhabits the various surfaces of the normal mouth. Certain oral bacteria has been linked to major health concerns, including heart disease. An oral bacteria screening is highly recommended.

During your routine hygienist visit, a sample of you plaque may be taken and examined under a microscope. If there is reason for concern due to the presence of unhealthy bacteria, the hygienist will discuss possible ways to improve your mouth flora. Ozone Therapy, including the use of ozone infused olive oil during flossing has shown amazing results.