Mercury – Symptoms

Have you ever been told by a doctor that your symptoms cannot be medically explained or treated?

“If placing silver-mercury fillings creates symptoms and diseases, then why not just yank them out? That is like popping a balloon with a pin, then pulling the pin out real fast and expecting the balloon to put itself together.”

Mercury, as well as root canal and cavitation toxins do a lot of damage to our bodies. But not always in the same place. If mercury gave everyone a cold, fillings would have been outlawed a hundred years ago. What is your genetic weak link? MS, ALS, diabetes, chronic fatigue, arthritis, digestive problems… if you can name it, I can probably find a combination of dental materials that can contribute to it.

Over the years I have found that dental revision can create as many problems as it solves if done improperly. Rarely does a day go by that someone does not call our office reporting that they had their fillings replaced and now they are worse than they were before. Now I know why. There are many whys. I made a lot of mistakes 38 years ago, and learned not to make them again. That is why we have assembled a technique that offers more opportunity for success than failure. Learn from my experience.

The patient must be protected during removal procedures.

  • The use of the rubber dam is encouraged, even though only about 5% of the dentists use it. Dentists we train (the Alliance Dentists) guarantee that they will use it whenever possible. (It is not always possible).
  • Fillings have both positive and negative electrical charges on them. Remove the positive current fillings first, and you stimulate a series of 4 endocrine glands that lead to degeneration. Take out the negative current fillings and you stimulate 4 endocrine glands that promote regeneration – or healing.
  • Replace silver-mercury amalgam fillings with “white fillings”, otherwise known as composites, that contain high amounts of aluminum, and bingo – you just created a potential neurological disease. For health reasons, it is not advisable to replace one toxin with another.
  • Biochemical preparation prior to dental and oral surgical procedures reduces pain and increases healing. This can be offered by interpreting simple blood tests readily available.
  • Sometimes conscious sedation is a great advantage over local anesthetic. If you enjoy multiple trips to the dentist and memories to match, OK. But if not, consider conscious sedation, otherwise known as milk of amnesia.
  • Violation of the 7-14-21 day immune cycles is a good way to initiate autoimmune diseases. You should be informed.
  • When is a tooth more detrimental than valuable? Dead, or root canal teeth frequently harbor toxins that contribute to our most uncomfortable autoimmune and degenerative diseases. What do you do when a tooth is removed? Lots of ways to increase pain, and lots of ways to reduce it – drug free. Then what do you do with the space? Dentists are well trained in filling up holes. No problem.
  • Interpretation of blood chemistries to promote healing and the instructions you can receive from this information is necessary if you want to rebuild function and damaged tissues.
  • the new comment of “Detoxification is Retoxification” must be addressed carefully.

But wait! There’s more. No, don’t wait. Read the entire Protocol and find out what is more and decide what you want for your future health. Remember, there are two ways to do dental revision – fast and right.