Mercury Free Fillings

Our dentists at Pure Health Dentistry follow a protocol known as the Huggins Applied Healing Protocol. This protocol is based on research completed by Dr. Huggins, who has discovered that dental toxicity due to mercury in amalgam fillings is the cause of many medically unexplained diseases and symptoms. Learn more at

Mercury-Free Practice

Due to this research and the research of many other professionals in the field of dentistry, Dr. Bastian has been running a mercury-amalgam free practice for 16 years and has been trained to follow the Huggins Applied Healing Protocol.

The Huggins Protocol

The Huggins Applied Healing Protocol is a Multi-Discipline Alliance of professionals who will “first do no harm.” These individual doctors, such as Dr. Bastian, have been trained to practice the Huggins Protocol safely. This protocol is based off of the discovery by Dr. Huggins that not “following the proper Protocol could cause the onset of autoimmune diseases that were not there previously.”

Pure Health Dentistry, following the Huggin’s Protocol, offers the following methods of safe amalgam removal:

  • Computer-generated Huggins Recovery Program of blood interpretation
  • bio-compatible dental materials
  • sequential removal of offending material
  • a clean air environment as provided by negative ion generators that remove mercury from the surrounding air
  • instructional videos and informed consent.

If you have any more questions regarding the safe removal of mercury-amalgam fillings, please feel free to call our office at (808) 572-9461.

“How is it that mercury is not safe for food additives and Over the Counter drug products, but it is safe in our vaccines and dental amalgams?” -Dan Burton

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