Dental Laser & Air Abrasion – Our Anxiety-Free Solutions


At Pure Health Dentistry, we offer two minimally invasive techniques to remove tooth decay safely and quickly, without the use of the traditional drill and its associated discomfort (e.g. pressure, vibration, sound). Both techniques allow for a much quicker and more effective procedure, often anesthesia-free, reducing the anxieties that many people associate with a trip to the dentist.

Our recently added Solea® Dental Laser is one of the most revolutionary advancements in dentistry to replace the traditional drill. 3D digital computer technology aids the laser that treats your tooth, or soft tissue, with much higher precision and speed than a human hand. You as the patient get a much more pleasant experience almost any time a dental procedure requires cutting, or drilling.

Our other no-drill procedure, the Air Abrasion technique, uses a tiny sandblaster to remove the decayed portion of the tooth, and can be used in many treatments, including:

  • Preparing a cavity for a filling
  • Preparing a tooth for bonding or sealants
  • Removing old composite restorations
  • Removing plaque and tooth decay
  • Removing superficial tooth stains and discoloration

More advantages of Dental Laser and Air Abrasion over the drill are:

  • More healthy dental tissue is left behind
  • Without anesthesia, no shot necessary, and no down time to become numb
  • Treatment of multiple sites in your mouth during a single visit
  • Reduced risk of micro-fracturing and chipping of the tooth